Ski rental Westendorf - Sport 2000 Ruetz

Ski rental Westendorf at Sport 2000 Ruetz in the Kitzbühel Alps

The right rental material - Great selection, top quality

Whether beginner, pleasure skier or ambitious skier, at Sport 2000 Ruetz everyone will find their suitable material. For all those who appreciate low effort, forgiving smoothness and easy maneuverability, offers an all-round ski. Sporty riders who appreciate top-notch cornering acceleration, speed, and smoothness at the same time will be more likely to use models nicknamed "Race" or "Worldcup". At All Mountain skis, the name says it all, because whether on or next to the slopes, artificial or deep snow, with All Mountain models you can look good on a wide variety of slope conditions. At Sport 2000 Ruetz customers do not necessarily have to decide immediately, because thanks to the free exchange (within the same category) you can choose depending on your constitution and / or slope conditions. It goes without saying that you will always receive top-serviced skis from well-known brands!

Rent skis from Sport 2000 Ruetz - 3 categories

You can choose between 3 different quality categories when renting skis:

Ski 6 Stars

These models are skis of highest quality - innovative products with utmost precision and perfection. The perfect match to underline your style and attract attention on the ski runs.

  •  for ladies and gentlemen
  •  high performance thanks to the latest high-end technologies
  •  optimal driving fun on- and off-piste

Ski 5 Stars

Enjoy unforgetable downhills using high quality skis of this season. No matter which style or speed you favour, a 5-star ski will provide you with an excellent power transmission. A perfect choice for any lover of winter sport.

  •  for ladies and gentlemen
  •  maximum control and grip even in difficult conditions
  •  ideal for sporty skiers

Ski 4 Stars

For beginners or re-beginners, this ski guarantees best ski pleasure. Easy to turn and comfortable to stand on, this model supports you perfectly to improve your skills. Easy to handle this 4-star-ski is a perfect allround model.

  •  for ladies and gentlemen
  •  rocker and carving technology
  •  error-forgiving and energy-saving driving behavior

Rent ski boots from Sport 2000 Ruetz - Snowboard boots rental

The perfect boots increase the enjoyment of skiing and contributes significantly to the improvement of safety. At Sport 2000 Ruetz you have a large selection of high-quality boots of various brands. Individual and professional advice guarantee for each the right boot. Our rental boots are constantly being dried, cleaned and disinfected to meet the highest quality standards!

Rent ski helmets from Sport 2000 Ruetz - Safety at the top!

If you do not own your own helmet, Sport 2000 Ruetz recommends that you rent a ski helmet for skiing and snowboarding. A helmet significantly increases the safety of winter sports. The force of any impact is dampened by wearing a ski helmet. Thus, about 85% of all head injuries are prevented.

We have ski helmets for children, teenagers and adults, which can be borrowed cheaply. Choose between helmets of different brands with different fit. The professional advice of our staff will certainly find a suitable helmet for you to borrow.

Rent snowblades from Sport 2000 Ruetz

Very short skis that are used both as a fun device and by beginners. They are very agile, can be driven forwards as well as backwards, are perfect for tricks and simplify jumping. Just try it!