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Your customized ski boot!

The right fit of a ski boot increases the enjoyment of skiing and contributes significantly to improving safety. Especially when buying shoes professional, personal advice and customization are very important. In recent years, numerous novelties have been introduced to the shoe market. The comfort and fit have been greatly improved. Through many years of experience and using state-of-the-art technology, Sport 2000 Ruetz will endevour to find the right set of ski boots for you.

Our goal:
Perfect fit thanks to professional foot analysis by our trained staff. Specifics of your foot are recognized, concrete model recommendations are then given. With our Test and Buy System you are welcome to rent boots whilst you try them out. (Rental free should you subsequently purchase).

Special service:
To avoid waiting times, you can arrange a personal consultation, by e-mail: or by phone: +43 699 1989 6321

Salomon Full Custom Shell - The all-round thermal shoe

Perfectly fitting ski boots within a very short time - that's what makes the Salomon Full Custom Shell technology possible.

Advantages of a customized ski boot:

  • No more sore spots on the ski boot
  • No pressure marks or blisters on the foot
  • Better grip and better maneuverability on the slopes
  • Maximum power transmission and increased performance
  • More fun on the slopes!
This is how it works:

  • A professional foot analysis determines the correct shoe size, peculiarities of your foot and problem areas are detected.
  • The right ski boot model is selected.
  • The ski boot shell and the liner are heated in a special oven.
  • The liner is placed in the shell and the client slips their foot into the liner, which takes the shape of the foot.
  • Cool the ski boot and ready.

The special advantage of the Salomon Custom Shell technology: all-round adaptation

Up until now, it was only possible to implement adjustments of the ski boot in the area of the forefoot.Now, the thermoformable material is used all around in the ski boot and thus allows an all-round adjustment of the ski boot. The 20-year expertise of Salomon in the area of boot-fitting takes both comfort and fit into account.

Exterior fit:

  • Thermoformable shell
  •  Adapts to the foot in just 2 minutes
  • Patented Custom Shell 360

Interior fit:

  • Preformed foam in the ankle and heel area
  • A new liner generation with Salomon fit expertise
  • Patented Custom Fit 3D technology
  • Customizable liner

Further information about the boot fitting at Sport 2000 Ruetz in Westendorf Kitzbühler Alpen Brixental can be found under the following link:

BootDoc insoles - Shoes fit even better!

Whether it is a low-set foot, flat foot or other misalignment of the feet - with the new BootDoc shoe insoles, shoes can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of the customer to increase the enjoyment of the sport.

Benefits through the customization of the shoes using insoles:

  • Slower fatigue of the feet during sports
  • Optimum power transmission
  • Protection of joints and tendons
  • Relief of the spine and the hip
  • Relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles
  • Lower stress on the knees
  • Ankles are stabilized

FOOT ANALYSIS BEI SPORT 2000 RUETZ – So that the shoe does not push!

Every foot is unique. Wearing falsely fitting ski boots can lead to misalignment of your feet - joints are compromised, ligaments and muscles are overstretched. An accurate foot analysis is a prerequisite for the optimal fit of the ski boots.

With the help of a scanner, the exact shape of the foot is determined. Special features are recognized and during a consultation with our experienced staff the right ski boot is determined. The outer shell, the inner boot and the insoles are specially adapted to the needs of your feet.

Tip: Plan enough time and bring your old ski boots with you.
Special service: To avoid waiting times, you can arrange a personal consultation Appointment, by e-mail: or by phone: +43 699 1989 6321.

Important aspects for the correct fit of your ski boot:

  • Foot type: normal foot, hollow foot or sink / flat foot?
  • Bar type: How wide should the ski boot be?
  • Sole type: Which insole is the right one?

Your Sport 2000 Ruetz team will be happy to advise you and look forward to your visit!