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Snowboard rental Westendorf at Sport 2000 Ruetz SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental

Rent snowboards at Sport 2000 Ruetz

Experience unforgettable driving pleasure with high-quality snowboards of the current season. Top-serviced snowboards for avid winter sports enthusiasts, no matter what style of driving and speed you are on the go. Professional snowboarders as well as beginners are well advised with Sport 2000 Ruetz.

Rent snowboardboots at Sport 2000 Ruetz

The perfect softboot increases the joy of snowboarding and contributes significantly to the improvement of safety. At Sport 2000 Ruetz you have a large selection of high-quality boots of various brands. Individual and professional advice guarantee for each the right boot. Our rental boots are constantly being dried, cleaned and disinfected to meet the highest quality standards!